• Supreme Court OT13 Preview

    I’ve been searching the interwebs for previews of the upcoming SC term and finally found one worth posting.  Two cases are previewed in this article – a 4th amendment case about who may consent to a search of a home and a 1st amendment case about prayer a town board meeting.  Check it out, more… Continue Reading

  • Supreme Court Summer Scoop Revealed

    During the months when the SC is out of session, the justices tend to tour the country often popping up in small corners of the country to make appearances, give speeches, and enjoy their own summer vacations. Justice Thomas has been known to road trip across the country in an RV with his wife Ginni.… Continue Reading

  • Podcasts are HERE! ———–>

    Every week SupremeBystandr will release a new podcast to engage your judicial curiosity in an alternative, easy-listening, and highly engaging way.  Podcast projects are SB’s labors of love (slight emphasis on labor).  We plan to alternate between recent/upcoming cases and the great cases in history.  Whether you are a student seeking out a quick way… Continue Reading

  • Concurring Opinions – Why you should stop skipping them.

    Around the spring or early summer Supreme Court justices announce opinions when they’ve rendered verdicts in cases heard during the Court’s term.  But the word “opinion” can be misleading.  When we laypeople hear “opinion” we are inclined to think it’s a viewpoint, preference, or idea one has, but odds are it’s not grounded in scholarship… Continue Reading