Podcasts are HERE! ———–>

Every week SupremeBystandr will release a new podcast to engage your judicial curiosity in an alternative, easy-listening, and highly engaging way.  Podcast projects are SB’s labors of love (slight emphasis on labor).  We plan to alternate between recent/upcoming cases and the great cases in history.  Whether you are a student seeking out a quick way to learn the facts and decisions of cases, a commuter with time and a casual interest in a case you’ve always wanted to know more about, an educator looking to save your vocal cords for the day and let us teach a judicial matter, or a legal juggernaut interested in how we laypeople understand and enjoy great cases – All are welcome!

Please enjoy the podcasts, pass them on to others who might enjoy them, and let us know what cases you’re interested in hearing us cover.  We’ll try to meet all requests.  Cheers!