Post-KS v. Cheever oral arguments – Justices “skeptical” of meth defense

Well, it’s not looking good for Scott Cheever, the meth user who shot and killed Sheriff Matt Samuels in 2005.  Reports coming out of the Court indicated the Justices were “skeptical” of Cheever’s claim that he did not waive his 5th amendment right, which protects him from self-incrimination. [See full KS v. Cheever post by SB]  Apparently Cheever’s attorney Neal Katyal – former Solicitor General who’s been to this rodeo before – had this comment to respond to from Justice Sotomayor:

“Assuming the incredulity of my colleagues continues with your argument,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor instructed Cheever’s attorney at one point, “which way would you rather lose?”

Respectfully, Justice Sotomayor – Burn.

Read more here from an article from the Kansas City Star.  A photo montage of the victim and accused are in the article.