What we’re following & reading while waiting for Homeland tonight and the big SC cases next week…

Sunday night is Homeland night.  This is a non-negotiable.  Although Carrie Mathison’s window into the secret, manic, covert world of the CIA is fictitious, we always wonder how closely they toe the line.  According to Dick Cheney, it’s pretty close.  The NSA and Edward Snowden story is the closest we can probably get to what really happens inside the federal security agencies.  This is what we’re reading while we wait to find out what Saul and Dar Adal are cooking up.  This case involves the very timely topic of warrantless surveillance of a man suspected of having ties to a Pakistani terrorist organization known as the Islamic Jihad Union.

SB is busy researching and preparing our posts for Bond v. U.S. and Town of Greece v. Galloway next week, lesson plans to go with some of our cases, and more – yes, finally – MORE podcasts are coming very soon.  Stay tuned.

We’re also reading our most recent shout-out compliments of Legal History Blog.  Thanks LHB!  Back at ‘ya with our shout-out and a hat tip to you for the great resources.

They're reading some great stuff too.  Bookmark this site, folks.

They’re reading some great stuff too. Bookmark this site, folks.