1st Amendment in the schools: Are “Boobies” bracelets lewd?

Are these bracelets inappropriate for students to wear in school?

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SCOTUS may have to decide after the Easton, Pennsylvania school board voted 7-1 to appeal the decision from the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.  In this potential case, two girls were suspended from their junior high school for wearing the famous “Boobies” bracelets, allegedly to promote breast cancer awareness.  These particular bracelets seem to be very popular with junior high and high school students as the teachers at SB assert.  Maybe it’s the fun, jelly-ish feel and vibrant colors that make them enticing to kids, or the fact that the message raises awareness in a way sure to arouse the ire of parents, teachers, and administrators.  Whatever the reason, schools have banned them and parents have been supportive of such school policies, despite breaching the free speech rights of the students, out of fear the bracelets promote an oversexualized message in a school setting.

Our fingers are tightly crossed in hopes the SC grants cert, should this case be appealed.  We will stay tuned.