• On Campaign Finance case: McCutcheon v. FEC

    The five-cent explanation:  Sean McCutcheon is a wealthy man who wanted to give more than $123,000, the total amount (aka “aggregate cap”) individuals can give, to candidates running for federal office in recent elections.  McCutcheon’s case challenges the constitutionality of the cap, the Federal Election Campaign Act (FECA), and has the potential to overturn the ruling in Buckley… Continue Reading


    Boy have we been busy at SupremeBystandr (or ‘Bystanderrrrr, as one reader said)!!  The semester is in full swing.  Students, profs, and other bystanders are geared up and ready for the first day the Court hears oral arguments this term (next week).  And it’s been such slow news cycle what with Syria and a government… Continue Reading