Enthusiasm and new podcasts are both up –>

The SB Dream Team got together last weekend – one of us needed her arm twisted to come out to NYC for a non-Skype meeting – and podcasted our brains out.  Arm-twisted and enthused we were to be together again.  The results were pod-tastic!  See/Hear for yourself.

One podcast focuses on the 1st Amendment’s “Establishment clause” by unpacking a recent case in the SC – Town of Greece v. Galloway – and we tied in a bit about religion in public schools (Engel v. Vitale).  You’re welcome, students.  The next ‘cast is about another case in SCOTUS last week – Fernandez v. CA.  This 4th Amendment case set up quite a debate within the team over when police can or can’t, should or shouldn’t attain consent and/or warrant to search a residence when one resident says ‘yes’ and the other either says ‘no’ or is not present to give consent.  Grab your roommate and give it a listen.

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These are the podcasts you’re looking for.

Oddly enough, one of us must have Jedi mind trick powers over Justice Kagan and knew EK would comment “Just get a warrant.  I don’t know why that’s difficult for police officers to understand?”  We addressed that fact, and the general public’s assumption that search and arrest warrants grow on trees, in the podcast, cut before the oral arguments were delivered.  We gotcha, Kagan.

We, at SB love 4th Amendment cases (who doesn’t?!), so we’ve got another podcast devoted entirely to the bedrock 4th Amendment case Mapp v. Ohio coming next week.  Stay tuned.