• We get it. Twitter’s not your thing, list-serves are. We’re on it.

    We love the SB love we get from our audience of educators, students, and law professionals.  But we know we can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to accessing our audience.  While we’re Twitter obsessed, we’re hearing from many educators that Twitter’s not your first stop for SCOTUS, government, Const. Law news.  (Why not?!?!  It’s… Continue Reading

  • Where in the SCOTUS is Team SCOTUSblog?

    SCOTUSblog became a household website in 2012 after the highly watched and, depending on who you watched, initially misreported Affordable Care Act decision, aka the Obamacare cases, were released.  That day in June, SCOTUSblog’s 500,000 real-time viewers nearly crashed the website.  During the days I was in the Court for the 2012-13 term I wondered where the… Continue Reading

  • SB is Winning the week

    SupremeBystandr had a publicity home run this week.  Good press is good press.  We hear bad press is good press too, but we’re hoping we never have to find out. Tip of the gratitude cap to both organizations (The Life of the Law and Street Law) for the coverage.  Bosses.