• SB’s interview with SCOTUSblog: On teaching & mentoring, press passes, and the future

    Tom Goldstein is going to a concert, and isn’t afraid to brag about it. He held up two printed tickets with bar codes. “Don’t be jealous that I’m going to Katy Perry tonight.” “Too late,” I responded. SCOTUSblog is my first and often last stop for Supreme Court news.  I read it for personal interest… Continue Reading

  • On ABC v. Aereo

    5-cent explanation:  Does Brooklyn, NY-based Aereo violate copyright laws when they provide equipment, at a cost of roughly $8 a month, to get local stations routed to consumers computers, tablets, or phones, to record and play programming on a cloud-based server? 10-cent explanation:  Aereo might be on to something – A la carte programming that saves viewers hundreds… Continue Reading