We’re moving on up…

Merry holiday!  We’ve got another legal website for you to bookmark.  SB founder Cara Gallagher got a gig writing as a weekend contributor for Jonathan Turley’s website.  Check out her posts here.  Turley is the Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law at George Washington University Law School, covers the Supreme Court for USAToday, and, oh yeah, is the attorney representing Congress in the ACA lawsuit against President Obama.  Blammo.

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On the docket for January: Traffic stops, Religious signs, & Deportation

Are you kidding us?!  January – the bleakest and most depressing month given its unfortunate proximity to the post-Holiday malaise – is looking up.  On the Court’s docket, as soon as we return from our holiday breaks, are the following cases:

Reed v. Town of Gilbert (January 12, 2015)

This case will ask to Court to answer a question about the size, number, duration, and location of signs posted by a church in Gilbert, Arizona.  After the church was cited for violating the town’s sign code they sued saying the codes violated their 1st Amendment right to free speech and expression. Continue reading

My day in Ferguson, Missouri

This idea of “psychological tourism” became one of many concerns that kept me up much of the night before I went to Ferguson. White tourism became my next fear. What if I come off sounding more privileged than I already look during my interviews and discussions? This seemed a forgone conclusion given my plan was to talk to residents about events that were likely going to reopen the emotional wounds of people who’d lost not only a son but also trust in law enforcement systems. I had to check myself this morning and ask if I really wanted this potentially perverse itinerary for the day:   Continue reading