• Technology loses at the Supreme Court, again.

    Being with family over the holidays resulted in harmonious interactions and your typical familial dust ups. One such kerfuffle, this one of the generational sort, arose when we volunteered to upgrade my father’s iPad 1 to a newer model. We’ve tried to do this before, for his birthday, and he repeatedly denies our offer. Yes, that’s… Continue Reading

  • Affirmative action in college admissions survives. For now.

    When SCOTUS orders a case back to a lower court it’s rare that the case garners the same attention it received when it was in the Supreme Court.  But Fisher v. The University of Texas at Austin, a critical case that still has the potential to uproot affirmative action programs in public universities – one that beckoned Justice Sandra Day O’Connor… Continue Reading

  • The Golden Age of Podcasts

    To say I follow the courts like most people follow professional sports would be an understatement. Court watching is my spectator sport and I’m one of its biggest (nerdiest?) fans. It’s taken me years, but in June of 2013 I had my Rudy-moment when I stepped out of the stands and onto the field. That was the… Continue Reading