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SupremeBystandr resides at the intersection of law and education.  This site pays homage to both.  We are a wellspring of judicial curiosity, gawkers of the robed, with insatiable appetites for all things  Supreme Court-related.  Welcomed are the casually curious and the hardcore.  We are educators, students of law-related education, and defenders of the Constitution.  Our primary goal is to educate and we bring it by creating original content, following and reposting SC news, and podcasting debates on the decisive cases of American history.  Welcome!


Cara L. Gallagher, Founder and Contributor

Cara started teaching government, politics, and law in 2006.  Her love of the law and legal education began in  2004 when she spent summers working as a paralegal at a Chicago law firm.  Since that time, Cara has spent every summer curating her own law school education through work experiences, research and writing, and attending professional developments at Georgetown, University of Pennsylvania, and Stanford Law Schools.  She’s published entries in CQ Press’ Encyclopedia of the 4th Amendment, written, and presented with civic organizations like Street Law and C-SPAN.  Cara served as the Senior Education Fellow for C-SPAN in 2013 and as their U.S. Supreme Court reporter June of 2013, 2014, and 2015. Cara is the weekend contributor to Professor Jonathan Turley’s legal blog Res ipsa loquitur (“The thing itself speaks”) www.JonathanTurley.org. Follow Cara on Twitter @SupremeBystandr.


JCJames Coll, Co-Contributor

James Coll is an adjunct professor of American and Constitutional history at Nassau Community College, an NYPD detective and the founder of ChangeNYS.org, a not-for-profit organization formed to educate New Yorkers about the need for non-partisan civic understanding and political reform in our state.  In the fall of 2014, Jim will join Hofstra University as an adjunct professor.

Latest Comments

  1. Matt Ziebarth says:

    Dear Cara,

    Lindsey Draper, who presented at the Illinois LRE on Friday told me about your site. It’s really great! I can see it will be a fantastic resource for me in my civics and AP Government classes. Thanks for your work. It warms my heart to know there are folks like you out there to help us at the intersection of law and education!

    Matt Ziebarth
    Social Studies Teacher
    Hartford, WI

    • supremebystander says:

      Hi Matt,

      Welcome to the SB! Thanks so much for your kind email. We too are teachers and create everything with an eye towards teacher and/or student-driven content. If you ever want to contribute (a post, a podcast, an article…anything!) – let me know. We are a cooperative and love to get people involved.

      Stay in touch and follow us on Twitter to get updates on the website.

      Thanks again,

      Cara Gallagher

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